4 Simple and Delicious Weeknight Meals

Number 1 Dish is a Go-to

Njide Mkparu
5 min readJan 31, 2023

I guess we are familiar with the meaning of ‘weeknight’? Ok, let me put it straight here. It is the evening of a weekday — any day that is not a weekend day. That is, a weekday is any day that is not a weekend day, and a weeknight is the evening of that day. What are the 4 Simple and Delicious Weeknight Meals?

Especially after a long day at work or school, planning and cooking weeknight dinners can be a chore. However, weeknight meals may be a breeze if you do a little preparation and use some delectable recipe ideas. Here are five tasty and simple weeknight dishes you can try this week.

Image from Unsplash

1. One Pot Pasta

This dish is a go-to for harried weeknight cooks. It only takes a few minutes to boil some water, make some pasta, and then add your favorite vegetables, a lean protein (such chicken or shrimp), and a tasty sauce. Pasta recipes made in one pot are incredibly varied and simple to prepare and clean up. Any pasta variety, as well as any protein and vegetable combinations, are acceptable.

Dinners made on a sheet pan are another simple and delectable alternative for evening meals. Simply toss your preferred vegetables and proteins (such chicken or fish) in olive oil and seasonings before baking on a sheet pan. These meals are…