AI Will Never Replace Humans in the Near Future

Njide Mkparu
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10 Reasons

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It already here with us, I mean the invasion of artificial intelligence. They pose a great threat to human intelligent already and the debate and the panic now is will AI replace human? In this post, we shall be discussing on Why AI will not Replace Humans with 10 reasons. AI Will Not Replace Humans in the Near Future — 10 Reasons.

Here is a short story that tells you that AI will never take place of human intelligence. Shortly after the launch of Google Chatbot, I relieved all of writers since I can get what the offer with just a click and prompting. But weeks later, I had need for them again. I discovered that the AI cannot provide all the content we needed for the blog, especially current or recent event.

AI gives offer limited data but humans provide data and also current event. AI gives what is given to it. That is to say that any information that is not built into it cannot be provided. We still need human intelligent to provide such current data.

AI Will Not Replace Humans in the Near Future — 10 Reasons

Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash

I’m often asked if artificial intelligence will replace humans. My answer? Absolutely not! Allow me to explain why.

First and foremost, AI lacks the emotional intelligence of a human being. Sure, we can program machines to recognize and respond to certain emotions, but can they truly empathize with us? Can they console us when we’re feeling down or make us laugh when we’re feeling blue? I don’t think so.

For example, imagine you’re having a terrible day at work. Your boss has been riding you all day, and you just spilled coffee all over your new shirt. If you were to turn to an AI for emotional support, what would it say? “I’m sorry to hear that, would you like me to order you a new shirt?” That’s just not going to cut it. We need real, human connections to get us through tough times.

Secondly, AI lacks creativity. Sure, we can train machines to paint pictures or compose music, but can they truly create something new and original on…

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